Patient Portal

If you have questions about Coronavirus/COVID-19, please call United Way of Santa Cruz County at 211 or text “covid19” to 211211.

Santa Cruz Community Health cares about your health and the health of our community.  We are working closely with the Santa Cruz County Public Health Department and other health care partners in order to have the most up to date information and resources. 


We are working hard to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Santa Cruz Community Health is only scheduling urgent appointments and telephone behavioral health appointments through 3/28/20. If you would like to schedule a well child check, routine physical exam or other non-urgent follow-up appointment, please call after 3/28 to schedule your appointment. Thank you.


Wash your hands with soap and water, rub for at least 20 seconds.

Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, sleeve or arm. Do not use your hand.

Stay home if you are sick with a fever, cough, shortness of breath and are feeling tired.

Stay away from large groups of people if possible.

Wear a Mask!

To our Patients and Community Members:

There has been a lot of concern about Coronavirus in our Community. Reduce your risk of getting sick by taking measures typical of other seasonal colds or flu viruses, including: 

You can also prepare for the possible disruption caused by an outbreak: 

• Make sure you have a supply of all essential medications for your entire family; 

• Make a childcare plan if you or a caregiver are sick; 

•  Decide how your family will manage a school closure; and 

• Plan for how you can care for a sick family member without getting sick yourself. 

The COVID-19 outbreak is changing quickly; preparedness and response information will also change quickly. 

The Santa Cruz Public Health Department will provide updated information as it becomes available. Stay up to date on this rapidly changing situation by visiting: 

CDC’s website: