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Make the most of your appointment!

Your provider is there to help you stay healthy.  They can provide better care if you talk with them about your health and any concerns you may have.  You should also ask questions to make sure you understand what the provider tells you.  If your provider says something you don’t understand, speak up!

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During your visit, you can ask questions like these:

(Take notes so you can remember the answers when you get home.)

Before you leave your visit, make sure you understand the following:

Mental and Emotional Health

Your mental and emotional well-being is as important to your overall health as your physical well-being. Don’t hesistate to tell your provider if you are feeling sad or depressed, have trouble sleeping, or if you losing interest in doing things. Our providers work closely with an experienced, caring team of licensed clinical social workers who can meet with you to provide help and support.

Mindfulness Tip of the Week – Click Here!

Have you been to the ER?

If you’ve recently been to the the emergency room or were hospitalized, make sure to bring your discharge paperwork to your visit. Tell your provider about your experience and what you need to do next. If you are unclear, your provider will help.

Primary Care vs. Emergency Department/Urgent Care? Which is which?

Santa Cruz Community Health Centers is a Primary Care Provider Emergency Department/Urgent Care
You see us when you feel sick and when you feel well You go only when you are very sick or have a life-threatening situation
You will usually see the same provider each time You will see the provider who is working that day
Your provider will check all areas of your health, and may focus on areas that you weren’t concerned about The provider will check mainly the illness/ problems that brought you to the emergency department or urgent care center
You may have a shorter wait time in our office and a longer visit with your provider You may have a much longer wait time and your interaction with the provider may be shorter
Your provider will be able to access your complete health record and help you with your health over the long term The provider who sees you will probably not be able to access your full health record or health history
Make an appointment by calling 831-427-3500 If you have an emergency or life threatening situation, call 9-1-1

 Adapted from CMS’s “From Coverage to Care-A Roadmap to Better Care and a Healthier You”

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